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Nutritional Counseling

Are you unsure about which food to feed your pet or how much? Do you know if your pet is underweight or overweight? We can help.  Our focus is on providing you with the tools you need to give your pet an optimal life and the foundation is high quality food.   With the help of great nutrition appropriate to the pet’s life stage your pet will have the building blocks to grow and thrive.

Prescription Diets

The in-house pharmacy at Annex Animal Hospital carries top of the line prescription diets. Prescription diets are specially formulated for the optimal balance of your pet’s health and nutritional support. These diets are designed to support a variety of health issues including obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, cardiac disease, gastrointestinal disorders, geriatric life stage, urinary disease, bladder stones, and food allergies.

In addition to prescription diets, we provide Hill’s Healthy Advantage and Medical Royal Canin life stage and maintenance diets.  These are over the counter maintenance diets for puppies, kittens, adults, and senior pets without chronic medical conditions.

During your next appointment, ask your veterinarian what they recommend for your pet.

Pet Obesity

Pet obesity is a growing concern and we want to work with you to reverse this unhealthy trend. Over feeding a pet or feeding an inappropriate diet can result in diabetes, heart disease, joint and spine issues, and a shortened lifespan. A matted hair coat and skin conditions can result from your cat’s inability to groom itself properly. Why cause all these issues in your pet buddy when they are EASY to avoid?

Overweight pets are much less active. They can’t run or jump like they used to. They have difficulty standing up and walking. Everything requires so much more effort. So, they do less. Let us help you get your pet back on the path of a healthy, happy life!

Weight Loss Counseling and Management Program

Our registered veterinary technicians will develop a weight loss plan tailored to your pet’s nutrition and weight loss requirements.  Using one of our prescription diets, regular weigh-ins, and customized progress reports, we will help you correct your pet’s state of health. You’ll be amazed at how different your pet looks and acts as the weight comes off in a safe, medically supervised way. Once they have reached their target weight, a weight maintenance plan will be put in place to keep them feeling great. This service is FREE for our clients.

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