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Canine Care

Canine Preventive Health Care and Vaccinations

We see your dog annually for a thorough physical examination and discussion of their health and activities.  We then recommend the core and elective vaccines that are required each year based on an individual dog’s lifestyle.  We will send you a reminder each year when your dog is due for an annual check-up.

We break vaccines into two categories.  There are core vaccines that protect dogs from diseases to which they are all at risk no matter what their lifestyle.  The non-core or elective vaccines are recommended based on your dog’s lifestyle and risk of exposure.   For example, the Lyme’s Disease vaccination is recommended for dogs at risk of exposure to deer ticks.  This type of tick is endemic to particular parts of the province.

Core Vaccines

Non-Core Vaccines

This is recommended for dogs that visit off leash areas; boarding kennels, or goes with a dog walker in a pack.

For dogs that may be at risk of exposure to ticks due to travel or lifestyle.

For dogs that may be at risk due to travel or lifestyle.

* Note that city by-laws require that all pets be vaccinated for rabies.

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