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The Most Important Thing You Should Know About Dental Care for Your Pet

The Most Important Thing You Should Know About Dental Care for Your Pet

Every February the veterinary community focuses on the oral health of pets and on educating clients about the importance of pet dental care. At some point, your veterinarian has probably explained to you what she looks for when she examines your pet’s mouth (gingivitis, damaged/loose teeth/bad breath) and why what she finds is important. The explanation usually contains something to the effect of bad breath is an indicator of problems in the mouth,  gingivitis is harmful and needs to be removed, and damaged and loose teeth need to be extracted. Sometimes, we get caught up in the medical nuts and bolts and forget to give you the bottom line reasons for providing your pet with excellent oral care.Annex Cat

So, what are the reasons for keeping up on your pet’s oral health? To eliminate bad breath? Nope. To remove damaged teeth? Nope. To remove tartar from their teeth? Nope.

Well, if the most important reasons aren’t any of the above, what are they? The answer is hiding in plain sight and it all comes back to why you have a pet. Take a moment to think about that – why do you have a pet?

Do you like having a furry friend that greets you when you get home, lies on your lap, lies at your feet, keeps you company when you’re watching your favorite TV show, gets you outside, snuggles with you at night, looks at you with love, comforts you when you’re upset, goes jogging with you, protects you?

We form deep, long-term, emotional relationships with our pets. They are our friends, our surrogate children, our comforters. They bring out the best in us. Studies have shown that we grieve equally for pets as we do for our relatives.

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This is why we, the veterinarians and staff of the Annex Animal Hospital, focus on dental care for pets every February: because we know how important your pet is to you. We also have pets so we understand how much joy s/he adds to your life, because we feel the same about our pets.

Proper dental care means your pet won’t lose weight because her mouth is too painful to eat. It means your pet’s kidneys, liver, and heart won’t be attacked by bacteria flowing into her bloodstream from infected gums and teeth. The most important thing you should know about dental care for your pet? Preventive care and appropriate dental treatment means your pet will experience less pain and be healthier throughout her life which means you get to enjoy spending more time with her doing the things you both love.Annex Pic 3

Check out our YouTube channel Dental Care playlist for more information.