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Welcome to our NEWS section!

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In October, we celebrated all things awesome about our Registered Veterinary Technicians.  The Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians decided in 2017, that celebrating for only one week just wasn’t good enough.  So, we get to honour this team of professionally trained people for the whole month of October, and they totally deserve it!  We had a lot of fun with this month while showing appreciation for our team of super technicians.

Annex Animal Hospital


Senior pets hold a special place in our hearts here at Annex Animal Hospital.  You may have heard it said that "age is not a disease".  Getting older does not have to mean a decline in quality of life, discomfort from joint pain, or inability to do the things most enjoyable in life.  There are so many steps we can take to keep pets happy and healthy throughout their golden years.

Starting October 1st,  we would like to h....

Annex Animal Hospital


During the entire month of September, we will be celebrating our fabulous feline patients with some extra special treats.  Our team will be available to provide you with great tips on stress management and fear free vet visits for felines.  Ask our client care team for a sample of the Feliway product for your cat carrier to reduce anxiety while in transport.  All Feliway products will be 10% OFF in September making this a great time to try this product for your cats.


Annex Animal Hospital

Impulse Control Training and Food Safety

Impulse control training can pay off in a big way when your dog comes across tempting food or non-food items in the home or outdoors.  Even a moment of hesitation can buy you enough time to prevent your dog from consuming something dangerous.  It is super helpful to have a few tempting treats on hand while outdoors in case you need to trade for something you do not want them to consume.  At Annex Animal Hospital, we promote positive reinforcement and force free training te....

Annex Animal Hospital

Summer Food Safety and Pets

Just a friendly reminder about some of the more common, higher risk summer foods our pets are exposed to this season. Below is a list of some foods or items for which we have had to treat pets this summer.  Call us if your pet eats any of these or if you are uncertain about anything your pet may have consumed.  

  • Corn cobs are tasty and very tempting for dogs but they can cause intestinal blockage

Annex Animal Hospital


It appears that summer has arrived quite early this year.  During these extra hot days, special attention is required to keep our pets cool and comfortable.  Breeds with short noses such as bull dogs, pugs, and Boston terriers require extra care as they are more susceptible to over-heating very quickly.  Heat stroke is a life threatening condition and it happens really fast.

Please keep exercise routines short on hot days.  Visit shady parks when poss....

Annex Animal Hospital


Even if your dog never leaves the city, tick protection is needed to prevent Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses.  We have already seen half a dozen dogs with ticks this month!  These were all local dogs. 

We have oral and topical products for tick prevention.  Call us TODAY if you still need a supply for 2018.  


Annex Animal Hospital

NEW! Feline flea and tick protection

Bravecto for cats is a new, long-lasting topical product that protects against both fleas and ticks.  This product is easily applied and gives your cat 3 months of flea protection and 2 months for ticks.  This makes flea prevention and protection simpler and easier for everyone concerned.  Call us to inquire if this product might be right for your feline family members.  Remember, prevention is always simpler, and more cost effective than treating a flea i....

Annex Animal Hospital


We would like to extend a big welcome to Dr. Larissa Vermin who recently joined our team in March.  Dr. Vermin is getting settled into the new routine and we will have her biography up on the website soon.  Meanwhile, feel free to drop by the hospital to meet her.  We think she is terrific!


Annex Animal Hospital

Lets have a conversation about fleas. Yuck!

Fleas thrive in summer weather and this is when we start seeing pets with flea infestations.  Is your pet protected yet?  If not, give us a call for more information on how to protect against these pests.  Prevention is much simpler than treating an infestation if we catch them early enough.  We have several products available for dogs and cats that manage both fleas and ticks or just fleas on their own.  We can assist you in selecting the one that works best for your....


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